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Easy way how to find a raptors and tame them.

Step 1. Get a pteranodon

Step 2. Fly in the air and look around groups of other dinos (do this because raptors spawn by small dinos) if that deosnt work here’s another way.

Part 2 Step 1. Get a pteranodon and fly to a river or spawn at a river.

Here’s how to tame one very easily.

Step 1. Find a raptor all alone fighting some weak and small

Step 2. Craft a Bola and throw it at the raptor

Step 3. Craft a bow/sling shot and craft some tranq arrows or get some rocks

Step 4. Shoot the raptor while it’s trapped in the bola

Step 5. Get some raw meat or some parasaur kibble and put the food up it’s butt and there’s your new pet.

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