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If you have 10 of these things tamed, they can easily overwhelm creatures larger than themselves such as Brontos or Paraceratherium. Just don’t expect them to be able to handle a Titanosaur without some extensive breeding for strength and resilience, cuz leveling them alone will otherwise take nearly forever, and even if you level them high, breed and then kill the old ones after hatching a male and a female to leave room for more, you’ll still have to put in a lot of dedication to nearly go that far. Your better off doing the same thing with Brontos if you wanna get even if only nearly that far, but it doesn’t change the fact that tamed Raptors can take out creatures larger themselves in groups, possibly even a Rex if your tamed Raptor group is large enough. Gigantosaurus however? You probably wouldn’t be able to have them survive even if you used all 40 of your tame slots for Raptors and leveled each one to be as resilient as possible. Although, that would most certainly be a perfect storm for plenty of other things...

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