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Pack hunt chapter 1234and5 4 raptors hunted down gallys…

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Pack hunt chapter 1234and5 4 raptors hunted down gallys the alpha raptor Scar face once killed a level 43 stegosaurus all by him self the stego whipped him in the face the name once was Freddy but after the scar he is now known as scar face chapter 2 big game as the sun goes down the raptors start to run 2 raptors stick together scar face goes with raptor 3 raptor 2 and 1 token down a 11 compys already raptor 3 got a lystro scar face had 30 dilos down raptor 1saw a red eye looking at him it it’s a a a whimpered raptor 1 what is I...yelled raptor 2 all 2 raptors were killed shot! scar face yelled raptor 3 was killed to scar face ran to the red eyes and saw it oh fudge Carno said scar face the carno roared get outtt! Scar face ran as fast he use a threw a bola but it didn’t work he broke out as soon as the bola hit him then a allosaurus broke into action shhhh shush carno my eggs are hatching said the allosaurus how cares ma replying back oh hi scar face we are goons eat you now

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