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I usually see a lot of Quezal’s around the volcano on Ragnarok. For solo taming herd it towards the side of a mountain or just a place where it can get stuck by a lot of rocks (I did the canyon). You can herd it by attacking the Quez once and just let it run away in the direction you want it to, although I’ve heard rare flowers make it follow you but I’ve never tried that. For this I suggest to tame a high level Queztal so it won’t die from your attacks. Mutton is the best after the kibble and you can find ovis’ on the green patch by the scar on Ragnarok (not far from the Queztal spawn) so stock up first. Ovis’ are not directly next to the scar but further into the green land. Good luck!! And if this tip help name your queztal Elvis Pretzel.

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