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Everyone is thinking harder, but not smarter. When you encounter a quatzel (especially when you’re not ready) kill it. Go to it’s dead body and retrieve its implant. There, go to one of those pillars in the air (recommend the green one) after going back to base and preparing a bunch of darts/tranqs and what you’ll shoot them from. Then get some thatch foundations, walls, and roof. In the middle of the beam of light in the pillar, make a decent sized ‘+’ symbol with the middle part free from thatch. Make sure the walls reach three walls in height and cover it all up with a roof. Be sure you’re inside too when you sealed all exits. Once you’re done and ready, resurrect it. (Note: it will take up to 20+ Ancient Amber for a low level so I recommend stocking up) It will glitch, but as long as the main body portion is in the trap, you’re good. If not; planB. Hit it with the tranq and it should go down in less than 30 hits. I also recommend using a soothing balm to speed things up. Good luck!

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