Just a suggestion, once tamed pump health and always keep it on neutral.

Why? Once me and my friend tamed a purlovia and named him stinky and we tamed him along a bunch of mammoths and yitranusus and argentavesis and then when it was tamed I set him on passive. So it became night time and we made a little campsite cause we did not see where to go so it was useless to go back to the base. But what I did not know is that all the mammoths were blocking the purlovia and we did not notice that the purlovia was in the river so we are chilling until the purlovia was killed by GOD DAMN piranhas. If I'd just put him on neutral he wouldn't die because he can just ONE shot those piranhas witch is weird because I ALWAYS put my games on neutral to wreck anything that attacks me or them and not aggro on random creatures. And sure you can always put some health and melee damage so they beacome even more gangsters and wreck anything in their way. See you out there people! AND WRECK THOSE PIRAHNAS!

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