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Thorny dragon or Pulmonoscorpious. Which is better?

Thornys and scorpions are some of the only nock-out tames in the game. They both deal a good amount of torpor, but which is better to knock?

Using the stats of a lvl 1 equs, dodoex says that it will take 10 stings from a scorpion or 105 thorny needles from a base lvl to knock a lvl 1 equs. It might seem that the thorny dragon is immediately disqualified, but hold on a second. The thorny shoots 10 quills at a time, so if we divide 105 by 10 we get 10.5, meaning you will need to get almost eleven full hits to knock out. Taking in account that is is hard to get full hits, the number of shots you need to take is much greater than a pulmo. Thus the pulmo is the best out of the two! Thx for reading!

-Sarco master 🐊

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