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After u have your first argie I would try to get your hands on as many as u can. U can just fly them in to ur base with an argie and tame them in a 2x2 with windows and a small gate (or if u have a friend he just tranqs it while its in your claws). The lower lvl the better. The great thing about taming them is that the best food for them is spoiled meat and u can tame even a lvl 80 1 in 1:15. They are great to tranq dinos like the parasaur and the trike (wait between your attacks ir u might kill them and âbl up their health and melle dmg). But the main reason why you must have them is to get their eggs to tame high lvl rexes with ease. U should have 1 male scorpion to mate boost them (that 2x the amount of eggs u get so 9 mate boosted female scorpions are= to 18 non mate boosted females) and maybe should consider to get an ovi.

May your Rex army rise and grow because Winter is coming

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