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If your wanting to kill alpha raptors, carno’s, rexes and all the other dino’s, perfect choice. There was an alpha carno’s near my base with 10,000 health, and I killed it easily since I trapped it in a corner. And a bonus is that it can swim underwater and can’t be aggro’d At by any other creature! Not even a Titanosaur! Also a good way to farm XP is by trapping the dinosaur that’s your choice (I prefer alpha’s) in a corner, then after you rush it’s health down with the Pulmonoscorpius. Kill the dino with a last hit from you and boom! A lot of XP, and I would recommend a lot of health, damage and stamina since they stab really fast and each stab consumes a lot of stamina, and if you upgrade the damage. You can literally machine gun a dino’s health down, even an alpha carno! And if you wanna be safe, tank your scorpions health up, sometimes if the alpha see’s a herbivore, and the herbivore gets close. The alpha tries to bite that dinosaur and your scorpion gets caught in the crossfire.

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