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Honestly I think the combat capabilities of the Pteranodon is underrated. On mobile these guys actually makes a double hit every time they attack, so even though their base damage is 15 (a bit lower than an Argy’s 18), they have much better DPS than argys. They are also much more nimble than argys. I’ve been to dead island many times before on my pteranodon (lvl 240) and have never been pulled off by a raptor, cuz whenever I see one of them is about to pounce I just press forward and I’m 50 yards outside of the raptor’s attack range. When I went there with my argy (also lvl 240) for the first time I immediately got yeeted off cuz the argy is too slow to get out of the way. I survived (barely) thanks to my full set ascendent flak or chitin armour. The pteranodon’s barrel roll attack is also very strong, cuz you do like 3 times the base damage to anything in your path and you speed up drastically so you can get out of the attack range of the baddies you’re fighting in a split second. I tamed the argy thinking it was gonna replace my pteranodon, now my argy’s only use is as a cargo plane.

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