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For all you sad people you are choosing to spend your day on Dodex heres a story. I started out on the beach near the Highlands on ragnorok. Occasionally an allo would fall down the little cliff come over to my base and wreck everything. My usual solution would be to tame up a low level horse and sacrifice it to kite the allos away. However the last time it happened I happened to be at level 37 ish and had been looking to tame a ptranerdons anyway. So I took my horse and unicorn πŸ¦„ round the beach. I encased the unicorn πŸ¦„ in stone to keep it safe and set of to tame a ptranerdon to lure the allo as I had been thinking of taming one anyway. I spent about an hour taming a level 80 up with meat and narcoberrys. When it was up I made the saddle and found that kiting an allo with a ptranerdon is not easy... So I went and tamed an horse anyway. If you are attacked by allos in the Highlands just tame a horse and make sure you have nothing on you.

Ps name the horses you give to allos lion

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