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I'm on Xbox so anyone that is too needs to read this... realy easy tame method

So make 3 wood billboards and every so often they stop for 4 or 5 seconds so that's when you strike you hurry and place the three in a triangle and eat a mushroom so it sticks it'd head out at you

and it only takes 10 through 15 trank arrows for a 140 that's the only one I know but then use the mushrooms that you eaten (make sure you have 10 or 12) and kill ANY that moves because when you eat the mushroom EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING will come for you so do that before you eat one and then feed it the mushrooms and wait you don't need any narcotics but have some on you just in case because these things spawn near Rex's so tame one of them to if you want and there you go you now have a procoptodon that helps will your baby's and increases the imprint amount when they are in the pouch (can only do this with females not males )

You can thank me later

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