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Here is how you tame a 🦘✨Procoptadon✨ 🦘

Get 4 billboards a rare flower rare mushrooms and some tranqs.

☝️FIRST you will place 3 of the four billboards then you will eat a 🌸rare flower🌸 get the Procoptadon to chace you into the three billboards while your in the trap with the Procoptadon place the last bilboard in the empty space. THEN crawl underneath the bilboard and tranq it. ONCE it is knocked out feed it the 🍄rare mushrooms🍄 and you have tamed yourself a ✨Procoptadon✨

PRO tip- after tamed it will eat regular berries🍒 🫐🍓

GL and happy taming

-Wild Willy💫🔥

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