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This tip is not complex and is easy for low levels(but not too low)

Here’s how I tamed mine, first I got the supplies, which are 2-3 bolas, 8 bio toxin (really easy to get, you get it from the glowing jellyfish, just use a bow on shore and kill and then harvest, make sure that they are all dead when you harvest),30 rare mushrooms (this is the hardest resource you need to tame it, to get I would suggest a moschops or an Igvanadon, or you can these in those free boxes) and a crossbow/bow with tanq arrows(around 10-15 of them).and a ride I used an argy (but you can also use a petra but an argy is recommended and try to make sure you have a flyer for travelling cause you have a lot to travel and dangerous creatures) you can find them in mountains and in the area at the snow biom where the green land and icy land meet (if you have doubts you can go to the page where the show the maps where it lives, right below that it shows spawn maps choose your map and it will show all the spawn locations, you can use this for any creature)so find one if you have an argy pick it up and take it some where safe to tame it, but if you have a Petra (I forgot to tell you when using a Petra bring some spike walls )dismount bola it knock it out, if your not in a safe area put spike walls around it and start taming, once it’s done taming take it home, but when on a Petra fly to the safest, closest are and request it there and then do home and request it agin. They eat berries after tamed.Good luck.

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