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Hello! I have a story. *Hm-hmmm* It was my first time ever playing ark. I was following the pursuits and taming different animals like I was suppose to. (I tamed a level 20 carno btw. More on that later😢) I had built a nice thatch house near a riverside. I thought to myself, “ya’no I think ima go out and tame a couple trikes.” I brought my carno wit me just in case. We were crossin da river when like 10 of these things started swarming us. I had a saddle for my carno and right as I was about 2 die, I was teleported on my carno’s saddle. I pressed the off button and swam to shore. I looked back and saw my carno lookin me in the eyes. “Thank you. I whispered to myself” I saw it go down into the water and die. It was a sad week for me. After that these things went on a killing spree and killed the following

1. 3 carbo’s

2. 2 trikes.

3. 6 dilo’s.

4. 4 raptors.

5.and 3 parasuars.

So after that I went full John wick and killed more than 100 of these things. It took so long. Like 20 ark days. Up this if you hate these abominations of nature. (And also for my carno, teethy)👍

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