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I was a level 20?(?) when I first takes a Phiomia. It was a level 3, black and white beauty. So, being the idiot I was, I tamed a 'beast' with 270 HP. This all happened in South Zone 3 and my area had gotten flooded with Spino's, raptors, carno's & Those big bird creatures with long claws (forgot their name). I rode around with to find a raptor attacking a dilo, I thought I was ready, I was not.

I raced on my Phiomia and started attacking the raptor..then I saw the raptors name. 'Alpha Raptors' I was screwed! It ended up killing me and my Phiomia. I only had her for 5 minutes before we got separated.

To this day, I remember the look on that raptors face.

It was goddamn Thanos smirking at me with his one eye shining red.

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