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Love these Guys. Currently playing Solo on the Lost Island. Had a lvl 60 pterodactyl and ditched it for the Seagull. Great for traveling across great expanses of water as you can rest between flying by landing on water or you can swim fast in water. Also what I like to do to level it up or kill OP dinos is lure the Enemy Dino into water where it's deep enough, so the attacking Dino's head is the only thing visible and then spam the attack button on Seagull until the Enemy Dino is dead. Works like a charm. Have killed Raptors, Paracers, Daedons, Trikes & Terror Birds so far with this method with my Seagull being a much lower level than attacking Dinos. Also, level up the weight on these things. Definitely better than the Pterodactyl IMO. Better weight and health per level.

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