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LOOK WILD CARD Game devs UPDATE AND UPGRADE THIS CREATURE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IT DESPERATELY NEEDS IT SOME IDEAS IVE COME UP WITH ARE 1 like the aquatic creatures this creature should regenerate stamina while standing/flying (still) and while over water it can dive bomb and has a waight reduction on fish meat seriously this thing can’t even pick up dodos and it is literally a sitting duck while sharks piranha exc are in the water I really love the sound and wing design for these cuties but they need a edge like this if y’all agree Also bowler them trust me then just shoot em with a trank dart I wouldn’t even try to use any arrows make sure to wait until they fly over land then fire away and don’t forget any type of fish meat preferably raw prime fish meat also saddle em because they (WILL) fly throw walls especially on a moving boat/raft they can be found around the swamp next to the beaches near the green obelisk again bowler Straight as they get on land then dart em away from swamp

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