I had two parasaurs that i will always remember.

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I had two parasaurs that i will always remember. Rodney was a tek parasaur and he was strong. Nothing could take us on until me, Rodney and Pudge the lystro were in the woods. Rodney was chasing a raptor that ultimately led to his fate. Pudge was killed too and I was defeated and logged off. The day after that I hopped on ark and ran through the forest where a familiar face lied. We found Pudge was brought back but no Rodney. Fast

forward to later i got a new parasaur called Polly. Polly is still alive to this day guarding my old base but once when me and Polly were running back I was attacked by a sarco. I thought it was the end until Polly came to the rescue. She attacked the sarco and i thought the worst when I saw that Polly was victorious! As a reward she still holds the trophy fr the sarco as she stays to protect the base along with my trikes and my brontos

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