Today was the last day of my beloved Parasaur, Blandy.

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Today was the last day of my beloved Parasaur, Blandy. He wasn’t anything special, a common parasaur, one of the green and slightly yellowish green ones. It’s pretty bland in color so I named him blandy and my god was he the best parasaur. I’m not very smart, I decided to make a caravan consisting of 6 dilos, 1 pachy his name was Viking, 1 iguanodon , a lystrosaurus, 2 raptors, 1 phiomia, 1 dimorphodon, 2 moschops, a carbo he was carbon footprint, and blandy. viking the first one to go, pinned by a raptor and I couldn’t save him in time because it was an ambush, carbon footprint was the second one killed, he was attacked by mega piranhas while crossing a river and I couldn’t make it in time and when I did it was a literal second to late, blandy was the third to go, we took a rest and a role call to see and he was attacked by a titanoboa, also an ambush and 2 of my dilos with him (prince and sea) blandy didn’t make it and I realized to late when I saw the worst sign I saw that day “your parasaur (level 25) blandy, was killed by a titanoboa (level 50).” And I saw my guard rush to the scene so I followed and killed the cold blooded serpent, and I see blandy prince and sea lying on the group but blandy is dead limp. I fed my dilos stim berries and took his implant. I took my team to the red revive pillar after days of fighting and getting stuck, we make it. I go up to the pillar to see that I don’t have enough amber and as the sadness struck me and my family of dinosaurs I open to tribute terminal and leave his implant. As of now it’s decomposed but that was the best Dino I’ve tamed he’s been there for me forever and I took him for granted as I have raptors and dilos, but now, I realize he was the one that truly saved me. He was a hero, the best of us all, I condemn his death, bravery, and selflessness to me and the others, there will never be a replacement for my Blandy, as he is my hero and above all else my brother, my fallen, amazing brother, I will remember him till I die and will think of him and haunt myself of the fact it’s my fault because I caused his death for making this trip, for not being there with him. He will be with me forever. May my Angel Rest In Peace...

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