I have a Parasaur who is a hero!

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I have a Parasaur who is a hero! When i was new i had a dodo pen, a Pterra and a Parasaur named Dolby.One day on the island i was getting resources on my raft with my trusty pterra by the swamps. It was by the swamps when them dam devil snakes slam my rafts deck. I fought with extremism , tho i won i felt woosy and passed out in the shallows where i met my fate. I woke in anger and cursed the stoopid island MY RESOURCES MY RAFT MY BIRD ALL GONE! Its a 2 day run back ill never survive! I opened my thatch door to see Dolby gaurding the dodo pen . I told him about my misfortune and something changed in Dolby that day. He had a fire in his eyes and belched out a cry that made the dodos dance a song of storms. He had a will to get back what was best for us, I told Dolby it suicide to go back!But he wouldnt fear anything . We rode, Dolby ran and ran past all who threatened us. We reached the raft. Everything intact. Dolby and i can still be seen making a morning run.Ill always remember Dolby

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