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My Bro : Dude I just got back from a four hour fishing trip in ark and I’ve got 140 stacks of fish meat!

Me : That’s nice I just tamed a pachyrhino.

Pachyrhino : Waddup bruh

Me : Yea we just got 3.9 billion stacks of prime fish meat in under a minute because we went in a river to bathe. Turns out fish do not like his pee.

Pachyrhino : Yea and then you made me kill all of them!

Me : Well I had to they would’ve killed you if I didn’t!

Pachyrhino : Oh stop being a baby I have 3,400 hp bruh. And to add then you got off and took out a pickaxe and made me witness Jason Voorhees in first person view!

My Bro : Whoa whoa whoa your telling me I could’ve just tamed something that had asthma and kidney problems and I could’ve gotten all of this in 10 seconds?

Pachyrhino and Me : Yep.

My Bro : WHAT. THE. FUUUUUUUUUUU- *blows up*

-Rosy (take that bro a girl just beat you at fishing which your supposed to be better at!)

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