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It’s kibble is bug repellent so you’ll need like 9-11 bug repellents to tame it if you don’t have bug repellents just use crops which you can grow in large crop plots that includes a rockcarrot, citronal, longrass and a savoroot, also it’s torpor goes down really fast so you have to have lots of biotoxin on you which you can get from a Cnidaria (jellyfish) 20-30. If you can’t find that just use narcotics 50-60 or narcoberries 90-130 it’s saddle unlocks at level 27 and you need

140x hide

80x fiber

25x wood

You can use a large bear trap but you’ll need like 1-2 cause you need like 5-9 tranq arrows or 1-3 tranq darts

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