Step 1 : find one. Step 2 : get a Bola , a club or a bow/crossbow and trang arrows .and some berries or the kibble that they prefer Step 3 : Bola the pachy and hit it with the club you have or if you have a box or crossbow and some trangs then use that to ko it.. Step 4 : once it's knocked out feed it the berries or the kibble that you have... make sure it had enough berries or kibble to tame... also make sure it doesn't wake up feeding narcotics berries or narcotics. Step 5 : wait till it tames and protect it.. also gather hide and fiber and stuff for the saddle if you dont already have a pachy saddle.. Step 6 : once it tames put the saddle on it and go on a little lvling spree killing dilos,compys,dodos,lystros,and even baryonyx if it's strong enough.. the reason you shouldn't fight raptors with it is because they can pounce it and slowly kill it... you could fight em if your pachy has enough wealth... peace out bye..

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