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Hey!, I was grindin' just fine before I met you, craft too much and that's an issue, but am okay. Hey!, you tell your tribe it was nice to meet them but I hope I never see them again...

I know it break your hide, moved to the Base in a broke down trike and...

Four ARKS no calls, now you're looking pretty in the tameing bar,

And, I can't stop. No, I can't stop.

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your diplo. That I know you can't mutate, bite that people on your shoulder, pull that stego of the corner, off the mantis that you stole from your tribesman back in boulder, we ain't ever gettin' Ovis, we ain't ever gettin' Ovis, You! Look as Good as the day I tamed you. I forget why I left you I was starvin', stay!

And and play that God yet bad battle song, that we beat to death in Scorched Earth, OK.

I know it breaks your hide, moved to the Base in a broke down Trike and...

(song By Bearded Kitty, I couldn't fit the rest in) :D

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