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Ovis are rare to find on the Island, even though they have a large variety of areas they can spawn in. I personally have the best luck in The Southern Islets on the South East side of the map. As soon as you see one, make sure to grab it, as Ovis are very common prey for many of the Ark's predators due to their special meat, Mutton(which is what you will most likely want them for as well).

On Scorched Earth, they are an uncommon spawn in the Oasis areas, normally near the obelisks(I usually have found them near the Red Obelisk)

On Aberration, they are a semi-common spawn within the Fertile Zone, commonly known as the green zone.

On. Extinction, they can be found in the east end of the Tek City, and all over the Snow Proto-Ark

On Genesis 1, they are quite abundant in the Arctic biome

On Genesis 2, very common in the Eden biome

On Ragnarok, they spawn very frequently within the Highlands

On Valguero, look in the upper forest area of the map, just south of the North Eastern snow

On Crystal Isles, they spawn most commonly in the center of the map, with rarer spawns placed in most other biomes

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