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Oviraptor may look useless, but is far from it, so here’s a guide to help you acquire one yourself

1. Oviraptor only eats eggs, so you will need to gather some. Bronto eggs are the best, because they give a ton of taming progress, and are realistic to acquire. If you have tamed brontos, breed them, if not, you can easily find one laying around groups of brontos. Next best I would recommend diplo or stego eggs, cause they still give a lot of progress, and are easier to obtain. Breed them or find them, whatever works best

2. Oviraptors are knockout tames, so come prepared with around 15 tranq arrows or 10 tranq darts. It’s easiest to bola it to tranq it but if you really want to trap it you can

3. Once it’s out just put the eggs in it. Depending on the eggs you may need narcs.

Happy taming!

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