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First off, if you're on official rates and you don't have access to a giga egg, get comfy cuz you're taming dodos for the next 2 hours. One male and as many females as you can. They have a chance of laying an egg every time they poop so even though you literally need like 200 for a mediocre Ovi, it still might be faster than waiting for another creature to pop out enough for you. Secondly, do find a way to trap it before you knock it, ANYWHERE that isn't near those dang ichthyornis birds. I had just knocked an oviraptor once when that bird swooped down and just like that I no longer had the amount of eggs I needed. It's happened with narcotics too. Just stay away from those avian beach bums. Third and last of all, the ovi will NOT hold all the eggs it needs to eat all at once. So you'll have to pay attention and keep adding eggs as it eats. This guy needs some serious babysitting while being tamed, but the buff is definitely worth it.

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