Your creatures will, probably, fall through a wall. I lost a drake with that. Be careful bois

Be careful of the lava on the way there! They may give your spino a water buff, but it will also kill it..

It gets really hot and really cold. Bring appropriate gear.

You gotta fight all of the other bosses all over again, and there is attack drones and defense units all over the place..

I SWEAR IF YOU'RE GOING FOR THE ALPHA DO NOT LET ANY CREATURES BE IN THE TRANSMITTERS (in obelisks, drops, ect ect) or your creatures go bye bye after the cutscene

Make sure to bring a dodo to let the dodo peck it at the end so the dodo kills it :)

You will see sights that are amazing, trust me, only it will probably last a few seconds before you fight to the death with the overgrown red implant

The overseer.. It sees over all.

Be careful when fighting this.. but not too careful

More Overseer Encountering Tips