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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret; this boss wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the tek cave! If you don’t know what the tek cave is, allow me to educate you! The tek cave is a cave accessible with tribute items (on gamma, it’s the three guardian trophies, on any other difficulty, it’s those plus some other trophies like alpha tuso eyes) and is found in the crater of the volcano. The levels of the creatures in this cave are really high, like, 710+ high! The creatures in the tek cave include arthropleura, purlovia, microraptor, giganotosaurus (with the exception of gamma) and more! Sounds hard, right? Well, not if you’re resourceful! This cave also has a bunch of lava, once you’ve got a pool of lava between you and an enemy, Fire a bullet and the creature usually swims right in! The lava can also be dangerous, easily weakening your Overseer army which is no fun. I recommend putting all your dinos in a massive Congo line! Get on top of your first dino, whistle follow one to the second, get on the second and whistle follow one to number three. Repeat that until all the dinos just kinda follow each other like a duck and babies!

And there you have it! The tek cave but just a little bit easier! Good luck, hope this helps!

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