Want an otter to keep you warm in the mountains? Want an otter to hatch dinosaur eggs for you? This is how you get one! (and keep her alive).

Assuming you are on the island, Otters are mostly found around the redwoods And the main thing is along the black sands. However, they can be found in almost every river in the game.

The otter eats whole fish carcasses, not raw fish meat. You have to approach her while holding a fish corpse and press "Feed".

An extremely important points

โ˜… After you have finished the training put it in the inventory of the otter raw fish. Many times the otter becomes tame when there is no food on it and from there the road to starvation is very short. (R.I.P miss Otter Hightower)

โ˜…Otters can run very far, so confine them before training begins. They can be picked up with any flying animal the size of a pterodon or larger.


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