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Otter wars Part 7 -The Wizard-

Reef ran over to the limp body as the survivor passed by the Troodon gone from sight. “You, you che- Cheated!” Reef said tears popping into his eyes. “I did, but do you think anyone would listen to you? A helpless little otter.” He walked away and Reef glared at him with burning anger. Turning to Auroras soft and relaxed face, the tears came even more. “No, NO! No you can’t, cant.. can’t be…” Reef stuttered too shocked, for his best friend to be gone, the thing pushing him forward in the war.

“AURORA WAKE UP! DONT BE GONE FROM ME! YOU CANT LEAVE ME NOW! PLEASE! Please… NO!” He screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks down his neck. He picked up her body and went to the Archies, slowly setting her beside him and he took off with Auroras mount following. He went to the oasis and knocked on the door to Squirrelys house. He looked down at his arms when they came to the door and Reefs tears came even more. “Reef! Reef don’t go, it will be ok, just don’t!” The lord of otters tried to stop him but he ran to his archy and flew away. Squirrely put her hand on his shoulder “He’s gonna come back, it’s gonna be ok.” “But why did he bring her with him?” As anger bubbled inside him he had a location he needed to get to. Later he arrived at the volcano with a determined look on his face. Staring into the bubbling lava he spoke, “Dear unicorn so noble, your name is global, so allow me to enter, and be a kind mentor.” A platform arose from the lava on it was a unicorn staring at him. “Come in, Reef.” Said the unicorn. He stepped in and they sunk into a house in the volcano. “Please, I need my friend back, she’s too good to lose.” Reef said pleadingly. “You can have her back, but it’s not free. In return, you need something that means much to you, and choose wisely, there’s no going back.” Reef thought of things that ment much to him, hardly anything, as his family was gone and Aurora was the only thing he still had. “I, I don’t have anything that means much to me? It sounds dumb but she’s all I have.. I love her.” The unicorn stared into his eyes, pleading and scared. But a little bit of hope left- All the others who came wished for money or strength. He had so much potential to help the war, and so she nodded, he hadn’t anything left he had no hope beside her. The unicorn stepped to Auroras body and pointed her horn at the bite that killed her. Stars sparked out of the wound but sure enough the wound disappeared. “I’m glad I did this for you Reef. If I didn’t and this war ended with the survivors winning I would blame myself and never forgive either. Just wait awhile, you can stay here as she needs rest to heal.” “Thankyou so much, I can’t even express my joy, Thankyou!” Reef said.

-Squirrely For the otters inside they’re quite kind, and have right intentions in their mind.

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