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Otter wars Part Six -The Rematch-

Ominous footsteps echoed down the hall and a long sigh was emitted from the irked survivor. “Idiot otter, IDIOT!” He yelled. He narrowed his eye and groaned. “You, bring me the practice targets, OTTER SIZE!” He demanded to another survivor. “Yes sir! Yes, yes, otter size, and do you want your eye patch washed?” The survivor asked timidly. “Yes, NOW! You lazy survivors don’t even listen to me. I NEED TO KILL THAT STUPID OTTER!” He yelled. Later, Aurora was practicing her sword fighting with reef on survivor targets and Squirrely had brought in the armor the survivors usually wore. It was good for practice and for seeing flaws in the armor. “Take that, And that! Hah! Fall survivor fall, and feel the otter wrath! Haha.” Laughed Aurora. Reef looked over with a smile and then smited his own target. “We make a pretty good team yknow?” Said Reef. He missed Shelly horribly but Aurora was like a replacement. Not better or worse of course, but she was so funny and kind and similar to him. “I can’t wait to rematch that Dimorph brain of a survivor.” “You would get him good, maybe poke out his other remaining eye!” Said Reef. Squirrely and Lord don’t think I can with my stupid leg, I didn’t even like that leg! It always made me trip.” Said Aurora. Reef laughed and peered through the peephole in the training room. “Well, it doesn’t look like there’s anyone standing in your way…” Said Reef slyly. “Well, we shouldn’t stand around, let’s go!” So they jumped through the window, hopped on their archropetex and flew to the Red Obelisk. “There it is, the one eyed survivors house.” Said Aurora pointing down. “Let’s drop in for a visit.” Reef knocked on the wooden door and waited. A scrawny looking survivor opened the door and glared at them. “I’m calling security if you move a muscle. What do you vermin want.” “Ahem, we need to speak to, what’s his name who lost an eye that wears the fancy clothes. Also, vermin usually concludes to ants, roaches, beetles, rats and such. Otters aren’t usually included…” “SIR!! THE VERMIN OTTER NEED YOU FOR SOMETHING!” The survivor yelled to the hallway. “Uh i believe I clarified that otters aren’t-“ Aurora started but was stopped as the one eyed survivor appeared in the doorway. “Come for a rematch aye?” The two met on the battlefield and stared at each other. “Thanks.” Aurora said. “For what?” “For getting rid of my leg, it tripped me too much anyway.” And she suddenly darted out and slashed her sword at his wrist where the glove started. “Ah! You devilish otters aren’t even skilled with swords.” He said as the blood slowly seeped down his arm. He swiped and missed countless times Aurora slowly making gashes all over his body, she didn’t want to kill him, just to make him surrender. Climbing up to his shoulder swiftly knocking his sword out of his hand and out of reach she pointed her sword at his throat. “Don’t move a muscle or I’m gonna have your head detached from your neck. “You got me, I’m all out…” he said slowly and then sneered. Aurora was jumped by a Troodon knocking her off his shoulder. “Guess who’s on top now.” The survivor said grinning. “You dirty cheater, this isn’t over.” Said Aurora still fierce. Then the Troodon bit her stomach and she stopped breathing.

-Squirrely For the otters, They might be small, but asking for a fight you might wanna stall.

Pt 6 -The Rematch-

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