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Otter wars Pt 3 -The Secret Weapon Is… Alive?-

Whoosh! “Hello Squirrely. I’ve come for the conference?” “Ah, yes, welcome Lord Of Otters. I’ve been hoping to meet you in person. Welcome to the oasis. Can I help you to any snacks or drinks?” “Well I am a bit hungry. Have any seaweed soufflé? Sorry for being so picky.” “Not a problem! We have lots of it.” (Hands tray of seaweed soufflé) “Now, I remember you saying something about a secret weapon. You said I could see it today?” “Of course, she’s doing quite well. But she might be resting, I’ll have to check.” (Squirrely hurries off to her home) “Resting, hmmm. She must have ment charging. I can’t wait for this weapon.” (Squirrely returns) “Follow me this way. She’s ready for you.” (They enter Squirrelys home, a cosy cabin and she opens a door into a dark room) “She only allows one visitor at a time, I’ll stay out here and make some tea.” (Otter lord enters the room) “Uh…. Now, where is this secret weapon…”

“Here.” (A voice calls through the dark room as two pearly blue eyes peer at him) “Oh! Well hello there… Who are you?” “Aurora. Who are you?” “I would be the Lord Of Otters. Are you the-“ “Yes. I’m the secret weapon all the otters have been wondering about. It’s a pleasure to meet your Lord.” “It’s ok to come out you know.” “I just wanted to show you something…” (Suddenly the room filled with bioluminescent light changing different colors) “Oh my! This is amazing, how are you doing it?” (Then the lord looks at aurora and sees her glowing) “Your the Eerie Otter….” “Yes. Now. Where’s the battle at?” “Your quite eager to start I see. The main battle is happening at the obelisks, but whenever you see a survivor we really just attack.” (Aurora stepped out into the light and smiled) “Lets do this.” Later that day Aurora was charging survivors and battling pets. She had a signature move where she stared at the survivors with her cute blue eyes and made them all stop in stare in the presence of utter cuteness, then suddenly attacked and pinned them down easily. Aurora was really a living breathing secret weapon. She helped the creatures become wild again, not under the spell of the mean survivors making them work. Some even helped join the fight for otters rights. She wore a suit of Tek Armor to protect from swords, and helped all the other otters get metal armor. Aurora is the lead of the fight, and she’s helping us succeed.

-Squirrely For the otters, They may look cute, but they can be quite brutes.

Pt 3- The Secret Weapon Is… Alive?-

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