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So I’m a newbie on the beach barely living. Everything is so big.😦 Everything is trying to kill me😮. What’s that🧐? Oh no a six foot otter out to kill me😬. Wack wack. That was intense🥵. Pelt what Is pelt🤔? It’s a resource huh🤨? Well is it important😐? Ok I’ll just go around killing otters🥳.

Yeah I tamed an otter🥳. So cute🥺. I hereby name you Buccee🥰. I love you so much🥰. I’ll take you everywhere on my shoulder😊. I’ll dress you in a bandana and Christmas hat🙂. So cute🥺😭.

Nooooooo bucceeeeee!😭 You shall forever be my last otter😔. Every time I see your bandana I’ll think of you😢.

Ohh I miss my otter😔. But I promised buccee😞. Plus the Night Assassin has no need for an otter😳. She is ferocious and needs nothing cute🤥. Ok ok maybe I do 🤫. What’s cute🤔? Dododex whatcha got🧐? Awww so cute🥺. A jerboa? But they don’t have them on mobile😭. But what about eerie?

I hereby name you Josephine and I will hug 🤗 and love you forever🥰

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