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Honestly, they are not good tames (my opinion), they are a passive tame that is a "shoulder animal" but u cant put them on or shoulder, they just follow you, so they easily get stuck and u lose them.

Some people say that they are good for defending bases, hum.... They can be, but i think there are loads of other animals that are much better at doing this.

They dont farm sh#t.

They dont have any special atk ou abilitys.

They are small so u cant mount, but big enough so u cant put them on your shoulder, etc.

For me they dont serve any porpouse besides pissing u off in caves.

Iffff they got a buff, maybe it will be a nice tame, especialy if u can put it on your shoulder and have the ability to make the other cave creatures not agro on u, like the spider, arthro, etc.

But the way it is now, i think its useless

(Sorry for grammar mistakes)

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