Best way to tame use brontos must be level 202 brontos, put a saddle on each bronto. Health does not matter, spot your noglin that you want to tame, clear everything around the noglin, throw out one bronto and let the noglin agro to it, throw out the next bronto and in your taming bar track the noglin, every bronto will give you 20% taming. When noglin attach to next bronto pod the first one, if the noglin is not attached to a bronto you have 1m30sec to get it attached otherwise the taming % will start to drop.

Make sure all brontos health is full healed, the noglin will not attach easy to a half health bronto. Rince and repeat step one. Good luck and have allot of patience. If the taming drop to 0% nock it out and start over with full health brontos.

Enjoy its a annoying tame.

Ps make sure all brontos are on passive

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