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I think I have an idea for this. When it controls you it would turn into a third person view, similar to when a raptor pounces on you. Then I think you will go around either attacking wild dinos or attacking your tames. I think that if you get attacked by a wild Dino it does damage to both you and the noglin. If your tames attack you it will leave you unharmed while the noglin dies. To tame it I think it’s either a tranq tame where you tranq your tames then it will fall of your tame for you to feed or it will be similar to the troodon by letting it control your tames and drains it until your tame dies then you get it. As a tame, it might let you take control of a wild Dino which will be its main food source, before it takes out the wild Dino the controlled Dino its on will be like a temporary tame. If you decide to tranq the wild Dino it’s on the noglin may suffer aswell and will either die or get knocked depending on the tame method. This is only my opinion so this won’t be 100% true.

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