Project extinction

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Project extinction

Chapter four

By skronkmonster

All three of our Dire wolves were knocked out. The opposing corrupted trike started scraping his foot on the ground preparing to destroy the three of us! We started to run away but the war zone was too chaotic and before I knew it we separated β€œ George!? Annie!?” I yelled as I continued to stumble across the Forest of blood and soldiers suddenly I see a huge beam of light destroying hundreds of nameless! β€œ what the heck!?” I yelled the rest of the nameless army ran away abandoning their war mounts and weapons. The ael army stood confused for a second. That’s when we looked to the source of the blast. George was standing behind the charred earth caused by the laser with both his hands pointed forward. Helena flew over and turned back into her human form as she walked over to him. β€œ it appears your pawādo has manifested.” She said. β€œ Brad must hear of this.”

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