Project extinction

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Project extinction

Chapter one

By skronkmonster

My name is John Rockwell. I am a part of the AEL, an organization that was built to counter project extinction: the purge of all primitive life forms. What the AEL does is that we preserve and protect dinosaurs from my evil uncle: Edmund Rockwell. Him and his minions such as the tek dinosaurs, the Titans, and Bro work together to destroy every last dinosaur and corrupt our earth with something called element. Now that me and my friends George and Annie are back on earth we will be trained by pawādo masters, Helena walker and brad skronkmonster. So we become powerful like them! We also made some new friends in our last adventure: a teleporter named bean, a regal Viking named AXE, and a midget healer named Josiah. So now that we’re all back on earth it’s time to get started.Uncle Edmund, you have no clue what’s coming!

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