I, sadly, have lost another Moschops.

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I, sadly, have lost another Moschops. I had my trusty Pteranodon, and some berries, and was looking for a partner so that my good friend Moschops the Second could have his offspring and pass on his godly genes. After scouting a cliff nearby, I had found her, and although she was not strong, I could easily make her a warrior. She wanted Mejoberries, and I delivered them to her swiftly. What I did not know, however, was that night was coming; and she would spend but a few minutes with me. She was now tamed, and her name would have been Mosette, had she survived the trip. And after a successful feeding, she was now following close by. We moved slowly down the hill as night fell, and if I could have carried her, I would have. But then, disaster struck. A horde of miniature demons with orange glowing eyes came after us. I knew they were exactly what I had feared- Troodons. They attacked her ferociously, and she had no choice but to run towards me. I thought she might make it- but then came the Raptor. It bolted towards her, locked onto it's target, and it attacked. Sadly, I would have to leave Mosette behind, as I could not lead the creatures in pursuit of her to my home. I flew away, knowing that yet another Moschops had died at my hands. We made it home safely, and I had to apologize to Moschops the Second, as he would forgive me. He spoke no words, but I understood. I must continue my search in order to pass down Moschops the Second's godly blood.

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