I once had a moschops, and although he was not named, he will be remembered.

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I once had a moschops, and although he was not named, he will be remembered. Of course, he was one of my first tames when I spawned, and he was relatively low level, as was I. It took but one single Tintoberry to tame my new heroic steed, that would have such a short-lived life. We collected berries together, we killed together, and, most importantly, he watched me slowly build my humble home, little by little. It was almost a day after I tamed him, that I decided to kill a turtle. I had not yet known, that this would be his final battle. I climbed atop his back, and even when no words were spoken, he knew what to do. Together, we found the turtle and I slid off of his back, and charged without second thought. While I slashed my hatchet into the turtle beast's side, he fought valiantly alongside me. But the turtle kept moving, and so not every hit landed in its intended spot. I watched in horror as my hatchet dug into my loyal companions side. I tried my hardest to save him, but alas, it had been too late. He lay on the ground as he drew his final breath, and passed away. But the turtle was not yet dead, and so, fuelled with hate, rage and sorrow, I singlehandedly brought the vile beast down with my hatchet. It was finally over. Blood stained the sandy beach, where two bodies lay side by side, lifeless and unmoving. I looked down at my beloved Moschops. And so, knowing I would never forgive myself for the horrid crime I had just committed, I lay down my hatchet, dripping with red blood, right next to my heroic Moschops. And so, all throughout the night, I dug a hole for him. By morning, my cuts burned and my bones ached, but my hatchet was now gone, and I knew I would never have to look at it again. Limping, I walked back to my shed, where my Dodos would greet me, having been waiting for my return. But I did not respond; I could not sleep anymore, for my actions would have seeped into my dreams, and I would have had to kill him, over and over. I could not bear such pain. It would be days before I would find a new Moschops, equal in strength to the legend that had come before him. I knew what he wanted, and so, once more, it took but one single Tintoberry to tame him. That was the moment i knew he must have forgiven me and told me to move on; and so, I did. I could now sleep, knowing i had been forgiven, and so now dreamed of nothing other than my dear, beloved Moschops, who had fought so valiantly in battle.

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