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Utility Roles for Moschops:

Early game Mount. This was my first mount I ever had in Ark. Not the fastest but when you are just starting out, having a mount that doesn't require a saddle is a godsend. (level Health and Movement Speed)

Fiber Harvester. After taming, bring it to your base and set to wander. It will collect a crap ton of fibers, more than any dino in the early game! (level Weight)

Combatant (if mounted). Sadly these will not fight for you if you are not mounted on them, but their natural bulk makes them a decent fighting mount in the early game (level Health and Melee Damage)

Kibble Maker. They lay massive eggs. Great for making higher level kibble if you have the ingredients.

My name is ShinyChimchar01 and if you like this tip, I've done similar on the Trike, Raptor, Para, Carbonemys, and Lystro. My next tip will be on the Iguanodon.

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