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Tame a solo morellatops first. Use the first one gather 200-300 narco berries, 400-500 mojoberries and 30-50 narc arrows. Extra for missed shots. Then find a group of 2-4 wild morellatops. Place your tamed one on neutral out of Agro range, so it may defend itself against predators but not attack your targets.

Find a rock tall enough to avoid their attacks. Target one morellatops at a time until it drops unconscious. Continue process until all remaining wild ones are unconscious. Split narco and mejoberries evenly among them. While taming, continue gathering berries with your tamed morellatops. Guard your taming targets against predators and continue to load excess berries onto them.

As each morellatops is tamed. Use naming convention to track their potential. We use "[tribename] [tame level after bonuses] [male or female] [name]. Two examples:

[abc] 60M spike

[asd] 25F Barbie

This allows others to easily report any of your strays and their gps location.

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