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Pin was my Micro Raptor.

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Pin was my Micro Raptor. She was my first tame. Lvl 4 - Made it to lvl 266. Survived 4 maps, 9 bosses, Saved my ass more times than I could count. She was a vicious lil bastard. Managed to survive at the bottom of the ocean untill my rescue mission could get to her.

She fell in battle in a high lvl cave saving me from a hoard of insects and megas. (Way in over our heads)

Everything died in that cave that day. No survivors.

I'll miss ya Pin. You where there since day one.

Rest in peace you lil nightmare.


To end on a good note. I was going through a junk box on my Ragnarok map. Found a fertilized MicroRaptor egg.

Pin was the mother!

Tack was born a lvl 166 beautiful lil bastard taking on her mother's plumage.

Many adventures soon to come that your mama would be proud you're a part of!

Welcome to the fam Tack.

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