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Hands down my favourite companion. Slows enemies and inflicts torpor by throwing poop when on your shoulder, listens to commands when on your shoulder. Handy to escaping troublesome dinos or slowing annoying tames like the quetz. Only half his weight is added to you when he's on your shoulder, I keep my trapping gear in him like a few gates, pillars, bear traps etc and also a couple sleeping bags and tents incase things get rough. Stick a tracker on him and you can leave him in a 1x1 structure to refind downed tames etc, handy to keep an extra tracker at base in case you die he'll be with your body so you can easily find it again. Whistle on a bush and he'll collect berries. Collects meat and hide too but I'm not sure how, Just keep seeing it appear in his inventory. Can wear a helmet for additional protection and fun masks too! I put all his skill points into hp and weight. Warns you of danger too!

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