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Want to tame this insect grinder? Here’s your best way to go about this; supplies; as with every tame u need supplies this is of course what I recommend bringing, you however can bring what you think will work! I recommend shocking tranqs, as a way of quickly putting them down, without them getting to you, pack 200 narcotics for each megatherium you plan on taming (pack a few more just in case) pack some kibble, or veggies, mutton, prime these guys are omnivores but they prefer meat! Next on the shopping list is a net gun, if you are a low leveled player this will be your safest bet on getting one of these, but pack at least 6 nets, in case you eithor miss or they broke free, and there will always be too megatheriums that spawn with each other, meaning they are always in packs of two, if you don’t have access to nets, then beartraps will work too, they’re just not as versatile as the net gun, make sure to pack some GOOD armor, because when these guys come at you o Jesus they will come for you. Having trouble finding some of these Boise? I find them very often on lost island, and crystal isles, (I play on valguero, but I don’t think they spawn on that map) you can find them all over the map on isles, on lost island they spawn commonly at the left of the desert dunes!

Still wanting to tame one? Here’s some options for knock out; nets!, just shoot them both with nets and walk up and tranq them in the head for a quick and painful knockout! And the other option is shoot and flee!, it’s pretty much self explanatory but it is a dangerous operation I recommend health brews if you get overrun. After you knock them out, I prefer mutton to tame them but it’s up to you how you tame them! Congrats you have tamed the fuzzy insect grinder, a VERY effeicant way to kill the brood mother as well as protect your base from bugs, and as cave also have bugs they are good cave mounts if they fit inside the cave, they also have a massive dmg buff when a insect is close by, this is specified by the distinctive red cloud above its head, it will do this in the wild as well making it kill u way faster, great for gathering chitin, and also can gather fiber and berries by harvesting bushes (it’s kinda like a therizino in some ways) very useful tame for players! Happy taming and take care!

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