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Imo one of the hardest tames in Ark, especially on the island (he is 3 times on the map to the same time and possible spawns are upper and lower south cave, central cave, carno cave and lava cave and he is very hard to see because he sleeps during the day)…but he is really worth every second of taming, my personally favorite…

If you find one be prepared that you just get him out of 2 caves on the island (lower south and central cave or you tame 2 in the others and breed an egg) or maybe through glitches

For fighting: knock him out when night starts, sounds stupid because he is much stronger then…but if you use a grappling hook on he spot where he can’t attack you…you can knock him out easily...the good thing is that he sleeps through the morning till it gets night again, so he won’t wake up that fast and maybe you just need to shoot him down for one time...but if you knock him out during day, be prepared to knock him out again when it becomes night again…good luck survivor! :-)

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