How to tame Megalosaurus(Mobile)(You could try this on pc and console I guess)

1.Be sure that the time of day you are taming this dinosaur is day, Megalosaurus are nocturnal and will gas(sprint)on you when they find you, when day, they are slow.

2.Load a crossbow with tranq arrows.

3. Get raw prime meat and raw meat.

4.Go to the Central Cave.

5.Attempt to avoid all giant insects, Onycs and Titanoboas.

6.If you see something lying down, that’s the megalo.

7.Shoot tranq arrows at Megalo.

8.When megalo falls down, immediately put meats in inventory.

9.While waiting, I recommend you hunting the other giant critters, just avoid arthropleuras. Hunt titanoboas and other insects.

10.When megalo is awake after taming it, you have tamed the rare megalosaurus!

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