Flying along on my argy when I notice the fluff.

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Flying along on my argy when I notice the fluff. I'd seen this fluff before and knew this fluff wasn't like other sheep fluff. This fluff...this fluff is unhappy fluff.

I take the arty to 5 feet about said fluff and pop said fluff with 325% melee. Fluff awakes and proceeded to throw a fluffy tantrum. I laugh and hit fluff again. All of a sudden argy doesn't move. Fluff continues biting the argy. I dismount and run behind angry fluff and shoot 4 rounds of shotgun into fluff. Fluff let's argy go, turns, one hits me into Satan's living room, turns back and continues to eat my thunder chicken.

I responded and grab my wife's angry bird and fly to the scene of disarray. Once more into the fraying ride upon my winged beast. I see my bird of death aka reaper, I see the fluff, I lure the fluff off a cliff with the soft bird named jersey of which my wife rides, and hop back on my 100 health reaper and fly into the sun fearing for our lives.

We no longer go near the fluff. The fluff may roam in peace.

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